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Download Showbox apk 5.35 for Android. Showbox is one the best app to watch your favorite movies & TV shows.


Showbox’s latest version 5.35 APK is boasted as the best app to watch films or series television shows straight from your androids, smartphones (running on android OS), tablets or any other device based on the operating system such as for the Amazon Kindle readers. You will not find Showbox while searching on Google Play. Showbox APK is a special app that needs to be downloaded from a safe, secure website that will be free of hacks, not tampered with and offers no viruses in order to enjoy its many features.

Once you download Showbox, you will have the same basic concept as far as movie and television streaming as Hulu or Netflix without the need for registration, subscription or any type of an account plus there will be free movies added to the Showbox APK each month. The usability of Showbox is quite simplistic with a menu that will allow you to choose movies based on genre or year and the Showbox APK site is well designed making it a pleasant experience, not complex or cartoonish.


Showbox for Android offers its users a multitude of features within the app for free. There are so many things that you wouldn’t normally get with a free service.

Arrange content by ‘added’, ‘rating’, ‘genre’ or ‘year’; try out different servers to get the ultimate results, enable subtitles for languages such as English, Malay, Bulgarian, Spanish, etc; resolutions can be made available in 720p, 360p, 1080p, or 480p.



You won’t have to miss your favorite television shows. You can take a weekend and binge watch the series collections that you may have missed. On Showbox for Android they sort them according to the popularity of the show.



The Showbox for Android app provides entertainment news from movies and television


You’ll get to see current and upcoming release trailers to entice you into seeing the movies.


There is a bookmark feature that will allow you to save your favorite programs and films into a library.


There is the capability to download the content from Showbox to the app and watch offline in high-speed capacity.

With all of these features at your disposal, you can see why Showbox carries a large user capacity around the world.

There is no cost whatsoever for Showbox download or its use. There is no registration, subscription, sign-up for an account, fees, nothing

All movies that you can imagine are offered in HD with Showbox for Android whether they be oldies or the newest full-length including any genre from drama, comedy, action, cartoon, horror, adventure, sci-fi, etc.












In order to download Showbox there are a few requirements that you have to meet in order to be compatible with the app.

Android of 4.0 or later as minimum requirement for operating system.

“Unknown Sources” option within your settings>applications must be activated in order for for download Showbox to be successful.

To watch without buffering you will need free internal storage in order to save some data which a minimum of 200 MB is recommended

1GB service RAM in order for download Showbox to work without any hanging.


Showbox android offers so many benefits for its users from being able to watch movies anytime, anywhere that you have time to kill or if you can’t sleep at night and don’t want to disturb anyone, just pop in the headphones and enjoy your own personal movie. Showbox Android is an awesome app to have available to you. Let’s look at the other benefits

  • There are an unlimited supply of free films, television programs or series online for you to take advantage of from the best Hollywood studios
  • Showbox Android is completely free. There are no hidden fees such as a registration or subscription cost or any type of sign-up for an account
  • Showbox Android allows the capability to download the movies and shows that you enjoy offline streaming from the server
  • The movie quality can be selected from 1080p, 480p, 720p or 360p based on your internet speed
  • Not only does Showbox Android offer movies and shows, it has an unlimited selection of music available to you
  • Showbox Android offers auto update
  • Showbox Android won’t take up a ton of space or your phone as it is fairly small in file size
  • There is no need to flip through all of the movies to find the one that you want. You can filter by genre, type, year, or rating



Showbox download APK is easy to do but you need to be sure that you download from a reputable, safe, secure website in order to avoid hackers and viruses. A major advantage for Android OS installation is the ability to install apps that are not on the Play Store. Showbox download APK is not a difficult process on any type of Android-based device.

2. Very important: Change the settings on your android to where the “unknown sources” are now on. Go to settings>security>, tape on “unknown sources” and turn it to on

3. Install Showbox download APK. Once the download has been completed, you need to bring down the notification bar and hit on “showbox.apk” which will download the notification

1. Need the latest Showbox download APK app version file from the link which is being used on any android gadget

Steps using the Showbox Updates website:

4. After that you will tap on “install” and it will then lead you through the remaining steps.

Within a matter of seconds the installation will be finished and it should take you back to the menu where you will find the showbox icon. You can tap it, open it and enjoy your shows.


It is known that Showbox is not being downloaded from Google Play Store which means it is coming from third-party sites. If it had come from the Google Play Store it would have gone through the Google testing, but since it did not that means you can’t necessarily call it safe to use.

If you’re using Showbox, that will be reliant on your own risk. There should be no trust in third-party sites as there could be some unauthorized certificates within the app. It is recommended that you download Showbox from trusted APK stores where you know that it will be 100% safe and secure.

Also be sure to use a VPN. A VPN will cover your IP address which will let you view your content no matter where you are safely. They are a powerful encryption which will prevent internet service providers (ISPs) as well as third parties from looking in on your browser history. Some of the VPNs will give you protection from viruses and malware, which can save you from damage if you mistakenly go into a cloned Showbox site.

Having a VPN allows you to watch Showbox and not only know that your device is safe and secure but that your activity is kept private.


Showbox offers an awesome opportunity to its users to watch all of their favorite movies and television programs whenever they want to without having to pay any money or fees for the service. This gives folks free entertainment by simply downloading the Showbox app. You don’t have to go to the movie theater, buy cable TV, or hit up one of the paid subscriptions. If you want to go out for dinner and a movie, take your phone with Showbox download and a picnic basket to the beach or a park and you have the perfect date. What’s better than that.



ShowBox is NOT a legitimate software application for watching copyright protected movies. The movie studios will be able to see your IP address and your COMPLETE viewing history! (Do you really want the movie studios knowing the types of videos you like?) You will very likely be sued for copyright infringement. It is not worth the trouble! You can use Best Legal apps (alternatives) like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial resource and we are not associated with any of the ShowBox developers or its partners. No pirated content has been hosted on this website.

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